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Can someone help with fluid change?


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05' LGT @ 140k (ATF Trans)


Trans is shifting like a biotchhh


Msprank sent me my fluids & (if I can find a shop) will be doing a flush (including diff's)


*Fuel pump, intercooler, & injectors are at home.


Tossing it on the dyno soon. Will be burning corn!

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Well, at least you went to the right site. m sprank, or Mike is one of the guy's you want to buy from.


PM or email him and tell him your new and ask for his guidance. He's good, no he's great.


Yes there is a front Diff bolted to your 5eat, there is also a rear Diff in the back of the car. That's why it's AWD.


The diff's use Subaru Extra-S 75w-90 the 5eat uses Subaru's fuild, Mike will know. I don't have a 5eat so I'm not up on what other automatic fluids work well. The 5eat also has a filter behind the battery.



If you DIY, the front diff should be a 60torx bit and the rear diff is a 1/2 ratchet and short extension. The rear diff plugs are pipe threads, they need to snug to seal, not super tight. You should see 2-3 threads left on the fill plug when its snug.


You should find two dip sticks back under the tmic, one for the 5eat and one for the front diff.

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Check out this thread for transmission fluid change, and first attached image might help too.



I've attached two more images as well. The second image is for the front differential, and the third image for the rear differential (if the third image is too small after clicking on it, click on it a second time to open it in a separate window, and then possibly a third time depending on what internet browser you use to zoom in more). It looks like your car has the VA2 type rear differential, so keep that in mind too. This quote from fishbone might help too:


Finally changed my diff fluids today. Here's my experience and how I did it.

First off, I screwed up on the type of rear diff. I thought it was a VA1, but it was a VA2 which, incidentally, is a LOT easier to work on.

Both VA2 diff bolts are on the same side, the right side (if you were sitting in the car).

Both bolts use a 10mm Hex key and they have crush washers that are a wee bit narrower than your typical oil drain washers. I had to reuse mine and they still gave to me twisting them so I'm sure they won't drip.


As most of you know, the front diff on the 5EAT does not share the fluid with the tranny. It's listed as taking 1.5-1.6 quarts. Mine took exactly 1.4 to bring it dead on to the full line. I will recheck tomorrow, the level may have gone down a bit after operation.

The drain bolt on the front diff for the 5EAT is actually facing the right side (if you were sitting in the car). It takes the same T70 tool as the manual diff.

I lifted the left side of the car and actually lifted the rear left side of the car higher. That way I figured I'd facilitate draining the very last drop.

After I drained the fluid and installed the bolt, I dropped the car and refilled up to level


For the rear diff, I actually did not lift the car up at all :cool: I managed to squeeze in there, unbolted the fill bolt first, followed by the drain bolt. The diff took just about 0.8quarts, just like indicated in the manual.


A note on my magnetic plugs ... they were caked with crap that was as thick as toothpaste :eek: I HOPE they were not cleaned when the fluid was drained back 3 years ago at 34K miles (I am now at 73K miles) so the crap that was on there, I am hoping, built up since day one. How much crap was on the bolts? Well, between the two of them, probably half the amount of toothpaste you'd put on your brush, so a decent amount. I didn't like seeing that at all. Thick as toothpaste, a dark silver color. Any thoughts on this?


That's about it. It definitely helps having a good pump for the rear diff and a funnel for the front.


Later edit: how does a failing rear diff sound? I ask because I've been having what I thought a noisy rear left wheel bearing, but after draining the fluid it seems to have quieted down a bit. I don't assume the diff fluid is shared with the bearings, right?

The noise is most prevalent between 38 and 42mph. It comes on at 34mph and above 45mph it almost completely goes away. It does not change in pitch or sound if I put weight on the car left or right (turning) and best I can describe the type of noise is basically a cyclical vooo-vooo-vooo.

I think it's just me, placebo. A failing diff should grind, right?


The quote above is from the thread below





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One thing to know is that you shouldn't have to replace the filter unless it's physically damaged.


If you do replace it make sure to remove the oring that is there now. If the old one sticks and you don't remove it you'll have a leak.

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Not currently in stock :(

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One thing to know is that you shouldn't have to replace the filter unless it's physically damaged.


If you do replace it make sure to remove the oring that is there now. If the old one sticks and you don't remove it you'll have a leak.


I thought that it was a,


replace every 30k part

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