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What do I need Cobb Downpipe Stock exhaust 2005 LGT

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Hey guys glad to say my clutch/flywheel break in is complete, and I couldn't not be happier with the set up.


Anyways, I was not planning to do anything exhaust wise till i purchased a AP but the other day I came across a Cobb Downpipe for 200 (might be able to haggle here) from a guy on craigslist that had it on his STi for about 10k miles. Being that I dont have a CB exhaust yet what would it take to fit the DP to my stock exhaust? I would also like to do the install myself as I have access to a lift at a buddies house.


I just need to know the general install process/what i will need to fit it up to the stock exhaust.




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You need nothing. The cobb pipe will mate up to the stock CBE perfectly. I'm assuming the pipe is off of an 08+ STI, I don't believe that other years will fit. $200 is a great price, especially if it is a catted downpipe.


Install is easy. Remove turbo heatshield, disconnect DP from turbo, disconnect a few other mounting points, disconnect O2 sensor, disconnect downpipe from CBE, remove and reinstall in reverse order.

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Not currently in stock :(

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I'm looking for a good dp to match up to my M2 catback exhaust. The stock dp has an exhaust leak due to the different type of gasket (stock dp is that ball joint looking gasket and the M2 CBE is the two bolt flat flange type). Ive been looking at the Cobb but it has the same type of fitting minus the gasket as well as the Nameless. Does anyone have any other suggestions or different brands.
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