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Trim on window rubber is off

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On the bottom of the outside window is a trim piece that is now chrome. Originally it was covered with rubber but the rubber was chipping. Removed that chipping rubber and found it was chromed below. The problem is that the chrome has a lot of tiny, tiny pin sized rust. My wife wasn't happy seeing those tiny spots so I painted the one. She isn't happy with the painted one (Window1.jpg).


I have a few more ideas to fix but I have been more worried, busy with trying to fix the more important P304 problem.


Has anyone ever had the same situation and what did you do to fix it.




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It can be had for $7 a can from Lowes or Home Depot. I had a similar problem on my wagon. All the rubber was peeling. I pulled it off and coated it with a few layers of Plastidip. It worked out very well and held up great.


I'll post a few pictures later today when I get a chance to upload them to photobucket.

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