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Accessport issues on 05 LGT 5EAT

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I picked up an accessport a while back with plans to go stg 2 later on. My car is close to stock with only an Apex panel filter and cat back exhaust.

I successfully installed the AP and flashed to stage 1 91oct and things seemed to run great until I got above 60mph.

When cruising between 60 & 72 mph the car constantly surges/ cuts out on and off. When I hold a speed above 72-75mph it smooths out and seems to go away, the same for speeds under 60mph.


I tried a number of things from re- installing a k&n typhoon (it was on when I bought the car but I installed the stock box per warnings about running the intake without a tune on the maf), I flashed to the stage 1 91 sf map, economy 91 etc. with the k&n but the surging/ cutting out issue persisted with all combos. In fact the car flat out ran like garbage on the stg 1 91 sf map with the intake on. I also reset the ecu, flashed to all applicable ots maps without the intake on, had my car looked over and ran through the hoops with a local subi mechanic but nothing was obviously out of wack...


I have since uninstalled the ap and the issues went away. I actually just temporarily sold the ap to my buddy with an 07 STI until I can get more info on what was going on. .. He has had no issues on his sti running ots stg 1 maps with the same basic cbe set up. ..


Any ideas?


I'm now considering going open source and getting a reputable etune but before I do so I want to figure out what might have been going on. .


Thanks guys and I hope I didn't overlook any recent threads about similar issues, I did search around for answers on a few forums etc. with no luck.

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Good tune should fix the issues if there are no mechanical issues. Most likely boost needs to be remapped.


Just make sure all of your boost controller lines are snug on their fittings.

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I don't think boost should need to be remapped for an OTS tune...


Don't bother with the aftermarket intake, that's not going to be the issue and you are almost surely better without it unless you are getting a custom tune.


I'm not really sure what you're issue is really beyond that, sorry :confused: I'm sure others will chime in. Sounds like it might be some sort or fueling issue maybe...

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I trust you didn't load a real time map and actually reflashed the ECU.


I had a little bucking on my car stock, nearly went away on stage 1 and completely gone stage 2. However the source of my troubles was low compression. Motor is being rebuilt.

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Thanks for the replies guys. I don't think there are any boost issues as the boost numbers looked pretty normal on the logs from what I have heard.


I too was thinking a possible fueling or timing issue. I know when we ran the detailed scans at the mechanic the car was running quite rich, but everyone says the cobb ots maps cause fairly rich running conditions.


The thing that really seemed odd to me is that the issue seemed more specific holding speed related rather than rpm or load related.


I would love to get a proper custom tune but there are no local reputable shops here in Utah that can do one for me.

I figure an etune is about as custom as I can get fairly affordably.


Do you guys think that if the car had the maf tuned for the intake before I purchased it that could cause the car to run way too rich on the cobb ots maps? Odd thing is that if that was the case you would think it would run well with the intake and ots stg 1map, or at least behave differently from the stock air box.


Does anyone know how I can verify whether or not the maf had been tuned for the intake?


Also yes I flashed to different maps, no real time stuff.


The car runs smooth and strong with the ap uninstalled so it has to be something with how their ots maps are working with my specific set up. Also like I said I verified the ap works fine after installing it on the 07 STI with no problems.

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OTS Stage 1 map isn't designed for an intake. Furthermore an intake is completely useless unless you're pushing serious power.


There is a chance your tune on the car isn't factory. However that would seem less likely.

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I doubt the car has a tune, I feel the power gains with the ots stage 1 maps. Im not running the intake, I just put it back on as a troubleshooting step to test whether the car malfunctioned with the k&n the same as with the stock airbox.


The car came with the intake and I replaced it with the stock box. I am aware of the aftermarket intake situation on these cars.

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