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Iding hunting issue

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I had iding issue which keep drop before 700 rpm and once a while will stop the engine by itself.


I had done:


1) clean MAF but problem still same, change NEW MAF which cost me a bomb.


2) Clean Throttle body

3) Change new air filter

4) Change spark plugs


Abit give up those mechanic workshop which keep asking me to pay this and that can can't slove.

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I haven't found my own low idle issue yet, but more information will help people smarter than me help you. Is your problem when it's cold or hot? Have you looked into intake manifold gaskets or OCVs?


No matter cold or hot. Both temperature had this issue

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You don't say if its a turbo.Most times if its a turbo it either a vacuum leak or a fuel problem.If you know how to find a vaccum leak with LPG- hang on sounds like you would not know how, forget trying to find a leak yourself:)
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