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A Thank You & Good Bye

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well gents.. in 2010 I picked up a 1997 Subaru Legacy and it needed some work.. the springs were cut, the shocks were blown.. cv axles destroyed and head gasket on its way out..




after a lot of reading and ordering of parts I picked up a whole bunch of great info..


picked up a 2007 headunit with aux in, a set of h&r springs, a new set of shocks, ball joints.. motor mount, new head gaskets.. complete new sound system..




after installing everything and rebuilding the head gasket and spark plugs and fuel filters and gas filters.. I had pretty much rebuilt this thing. and she rode and handled great.. thought about putting more into her but it never felt quite like "my car".. it was auto and man I missed the great feeling of a clutch so I stopped adding to car I didn't think I was going to want to hold on for a long time.. but she sat pretty..






but as time went on I listed it on CL.. just to see if someone would take bait and give me some cash for something else.. and after listing it for 3k (130k miles) a few people came knocking on my door.. after a while I had someone with cash in hand.. so I went to shopping for what I would replace the old subie with.. and then this little guy showed up..




2005 70k miles 6 speed supercharged mini s.. came from a great owner who had tons of paper work on just how well it was taken care of.. it was a bit sad to see just how much he had on it (wheels, shocks, springs pully) before he made it stock again to sell but I knew it was a car that was taken care of from all the paper work I had..






its a great driving car.. feels like a little go-kart.. been ordering a bunch of parts while fighting with another owner of mini's to let me buy his wheels..


so far on order is


15% Pulley

H&R Springs

H&R Rear Sway Bar

Lower Control Arms

Front Camber Plates

F&R Rotors

F&R EBC Green Stuff Pads

Oil Change w/ Filter


and the part im fighting to get you ask?




its been great guys.. thanks for all the hints, help and times I've asked something dumb and gotten a great answer =]

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Mini ? Really? GLWT those aren't the most reliable and are a PIA to work on. I do agree they're like go karts, really good handling but the ride is choppy. Oh yeah and I hate where the window switches are. Btw you do know it's a chicks car right? Sorry I had to get at you since your leaving us.
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If thatotor is mechanically similar to the turbo motor, be mindfull of the timing chain tensioner on that motor. If it hasn't been done, do all of the timing components as preventative maintainence. A LOT of the tensioners fail between 50k and 70k miles no matter how well it was taken care of.
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haha, no worries.. I can take the hits =]


while I did enjoy the Subaru it was really a car that fell into my lap.. at a red light a younger guy started yelling at me about how much he loved my corrado.. I told him thanks and he asked if I would trade.. pulled into a gas station and looked everything over.. as I was moving out to the other side of the state I wanted a car that didn't break down every week.. someone always broke on the corrado and my 2th car was a 90's vw with no ac (still have it lol)


with his car having a lot of areas of work I told him I would take the trade if he added 1,000 dollars to the pot.. he did and I got to work.. didn't see the headgasket problem till about 6 months down the road..



either way.. while fishing around I found the mini from a owner who had nearly every service record he had ever gotten.. his number as above my limit even if it was below blue book.. he asked me what I could spend.. I stated it and he said that'll do..


it has a few areas with little dings or that could use a refresh and that's why im looking at the mail box every day for some new toys lol.. but for the record, I enjoyed the gt and it much like these forums was great and normally reliable lol..


as for the girl car statement, I must stay it seems to be a theme for me as my other auto love was a 2005 GLI Jetta :p

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