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Normal boost levels?

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I'm shifting my comment from my other thread into this one because I feel like it warrants its own... thread.



What is the expected "normal" boost pressure at 3k, 4k, 5k, 6k RPM? STOCK EVERYTHING.


When should boost begin to build? At what PSI should it hit peak, and how long should that peak be held (or is it supposed to taper off)?


Mine starts making boost around 2300RPM, it's pushing 10psi by 3k, hits peak of 13 near 4k, quickly tapers to 10.5 and holds that till redline.


Does this sound right? I need to datalog a bit more for research's sake, but these readings are repeatable and predictable. (As indicated by torque pro).


I do need to install a good boost gauge. Vital for monitoring the health of the boost-related gadgets....

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Yeah mine usually peaks about 13-13.5 then drops to steady 11-12 on a pull.

If you're after a boost gauge the VBG1 is awesome. Pretty pricey but basically a few gauges in one, and looks a hell of a lot nicer than pod gauges.


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Yeah really easy, easier than any other gauge as it's the same for piping from the engine bay but the mount is already in your dash. I did a quick walk through here when I installed mine, been working perfect for about a month
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