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Purchasing questions. (feel free to move me to the appropriate category)

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Hey guys, I'm new to legacys and I know much about them other than they're just like every other Subaru models in that they are giant Legos. As denoted by my name, I'm coming from the Forester world where if it firs an 04 STI, it fits a forester (generally the SG 03-08 body styles) so is there a go to car for these legos?


As I mentioned in the title, one of my friends has for sale a 1996 legacy L AWD with the 5MT 4.11 rear diff and a horrid paint job. It however has the lovely 2.2 bulletproof motor (Why aren't all subie motors noninterference motors?) It has munched 2nd and 3rd but it comes with another tranny and rear diff pulled from a 1996 legacy sitting in a junkyard.


My first question is that since a Cusco rear strut bar for my year model forester will for (its a 2005) will my Tein SS-P coilovers fit? The front I think they will but I'm worried about the rear.


Second, I have a N/A race motor

11.5:1 compression

Delta 2000 cams

Ported and flowed heads

Techworks titanium spring and retainer kit

Forged K1 h-beam rods

05 intake mani (the big redesigned one)


Will this bolt right in? Its an EJ253 block if that helps. I know wiring will probably suck like bit always does -_-


Third, what are the weak points if these logos? And what all STI junk swaps in?

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that motor will bolt right in, your exhaust if OEM may be a tad restrictive but that'll be fun


check out the stickies at the top for all the info about swaps and parts fitment you couls need


weak points id say... quarter panel rust

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