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Electrical or coincidence?

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Hey everyone, Sorry I haven't been posting much since I got the car. Work has overwhelmed me a bit lately. Anyway I have a crazy malfunction with the my Ru. Before it was just the Reverse lights that were giving me an issue but they started working so I didn't look into them further. But lately my ABS light has been coming on a bit more frequently than before. I thought maybe it was the brakes so I had them looked at an they are worn but not badly in the rear but fairly new in the front. Stopping seems normal when the light is out but when its on I can tell the system is not on as the brakes have locked up once. The Mechanic I took it to said that the ABS system seemed to be working fine even though the light was on occasionally. But lately the light has been staying on consistently. The other night a friend was following me an noticed my tail lights were all out. I stopped an looked, sure enough all of them were out. I just replaced all 4 bulbs a few weeks back when I got the car. I tapped the back of the car and they all came on. I could see from my back window that my ABS light came on at the same time. This makes me wounder if the system is tied together some how? What could cause this to shut the ABS system off? Thanks
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