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My Legacy has been basically dead for about 3 or 4 weeks now. I'm looking for suggestions. The first time it just died randomly. I drove home from Lowe's(t IQ) and went to leave again 2 hours later and got nothing.


When I jumped it and ran it for a 20 minute run down the road it didn't hold a charge. I jumped it again a week later for a longer trip and it still didn't charge. That time I got an ABS light and noticed the car stalling while driving down the road, only to kick back on, much like a push start, but at 60 mph.


I bought a new alternator and put that on. Still no charge. I bought a new battery back in January so I'm assuming it's not the battery, but I suppose the battery and alternator are still on the table as possible problems.


I cleaned all of the grounds and leads I could find. I jumped it again yesterday and let it run for a few before making a quick beer run down the road. This time, no more ABS light.


Is there anything I'm not checking before I run to the parts store and have the alternator and battery tested? Thanks in advance,



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