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Help me identify this drivetrain noise

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You can listen to it here

Ignore the loud clacks, that's the keys hitting the dash



Basically the noise is like a low growl when the wheels are almost fully turned to the right and I'm doing a slow turn in the parking lot, coming from the front driver's side.

Already replaced the bearing which was so tight that it was impossible to turn by hand. Also replaced that halfshaft since I had a brand new one.

Rotated the tires as well. The noise went away but now it is back although a lot more subtle and almost not of the same pronounced low resonating growl. More of a constant noise.

The tires are incredibly cupped (design flaw) so they are loud as they are, but the other side doesn't seem to make any noises.

The only thing left is the diff? Can the tires make such a noise?

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Can't view video at work.


Is it the power steering pump ? how's the PS fluid level ?


Is it the front diff in the tranny ?


Does the car have a knock when the front tires go over bumps, cracks, pot holes ?


Tires are cupped, have you jacked up the front end and tested the ball joints to make sure they are not worn.


You can stick a bar between the LCA and the spindle and pry try to pry the ball joint out of the spindle. I found my one year left ball has play in it by doing that.

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Well, a new symptom is that it doesn't make any noise unless the car is warmed up, which explains why the noise was completely gone when I had picked the car up from the shop.


This is an auto, so as you already know the front diff is a separate unit with its own fluid. I checked the level, it is perfect and so is the color. If everything else checks out I am going to do a drain/fill.

PS fluid has 30K on it, looks very clean and is at the level it is supposed to be at. This is definitely not a PS noise.


Absolutely no rattles or noises when going over bumps or anything. I must have that one Legacy out there that is rattle-free.


The noise sounds almost like grinding rocks. I appreciate your suggestions, I will try them all to try and narrow this down. I just hope it's not expensive, like the front diff being bad.

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Well buddy you gonna laugh but I've done some more parking lot testing and can't hear it any longer. I think it was actually caused by the surface I was doing the turn on, which was concrete slabs that aren't perfectly flat. The noise however was identical to what I was hearing before I had the axle and bearing replaced so it led me to believe the original noise was back.

I'm still going to crawl under the car and check things over just to make sure.

I had Konis and Epic springs put in 1K miles ago. Car handles like a dream.

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