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Anyone have a link to Hybrid CAI tubing?

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you need to find a 'ribbed' intake tube from a EJ18 or 22 - this is the tube that has the most effective velocity of all n/a tubes


a 3" MAF adapter is going to be necessary


from here you can do two things; remove the snorkus/ 'intake silencer' out of the fender and route the filter in it's place, or put a cone filter where the intake box was, right off the MAF


the first option is going to give you colder air, but makes it way easier to pick up water/ other road stuff into the filter


read this link to know what's going on with the voltage spike in the MAF

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I am guessing the intake tube you refer to is the '96 and earlier non-resonator box type.


I read the MAF/ Snorkus delete thread earlier and it did not offer a fix for the harmonic frequency problem as it applies to our second gen. It is a huge thread, please correct me if I missed it.

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