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Rear suspension creaking and squeezing. Video.

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The rear in my 08 legacy gt just started making these squeezing noises recently.


Seems most common noises are from the sway bar bushings.


Does this sound like that is the source of the noise? Or possibly shocks? Both sides bounce a bit after pushing down but this car has such soft suspension that might be normal.

Car has 75k miles on it now. Stock suspension and all.




Moddiction Stainless steel and Titanium shift knobs.

Drivetrain, suspension, brakes, exhaust, cooling, fuel, gauges+MUCH more!

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Not the shocks as they would make a dense creaking sound most noticeable when going over speed humps or rapid angle changes (entering a road from a steep driveway etc) from inside the car. It may also sound like a binding and clicking if that makes sense.


Sounds like you need to grease the RSB bushing first and that is the easiest attempt at solving the issue. Also the squeak appears equally as loud and initiated from either side, the RSB is the common link btwn the two.


Do a visual inspection of RSB mounts/bushing and links have someone bounce the car and see if you can identify the noise.

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