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COBB Stage 1 and spark plug gap?

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.028" is equal to .7112mm


Most Americans talk inches when we speak of plug gap.


If your running higher boost you'll tighten the gap a bit.

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*shrug* Go with the stock gap. The NGK Iridiums are supposed to come pregapped already anyway. There's been mention that people have measured the gap out of the box before and it wasn't the specified gap, but I've never adjusted the gap before and haven't had a problem. Changed the plugs once without checking the gap when I bought the car with 37K miles on it. Was stage 0, stage 1, and stage 2. Then swapped the plugs around..... 70K miles. Didn't bother checking again. Car still runs great.


If you choose to check and adjust the gap, do it carefully. The electrode on iridium plugs is thin. You need a good gapping tool. You can't just pry on it.

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I've measure the gaps out of the box everytime, just to be 100% sure non are outta range. There has been a few times when gaps were below the .030.


Auto parts stores carries the adjustment tool for a few dollars, that will bend the arm without touching the tip.

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