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K2 Lip vs Stanza Lip


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A couple of years ago stanza made an exact replica of the K2 lip, which has been discontinued. The new stanza lip is similar but not exactly the same, doesn't have as sharp a tail edge to it.


Attachment 1 is K2, 2 is new Stanza (type S), 3 is discontinued Stanza replica.


edit: also the picture of the new stanza makes it look like it sits quite upright from the close edge, but you can see how it really tapers off of the trunk on the mid/far side of the image


edit 2: http://legacygt.com/forums/showpost.php?p=4404597&postcount=9 (Type S spoiler)




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Really easy man,


Japan Parts - was ~500 AUD plus shipping.... so yeah, pretty pricey, but theres nothing like it. Went in a group buy with a couple of other guys in the area, so we saved a little on shipping...

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