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Strange noise from rear wheel. Hub??

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A few days ago I discovered that my RR tire was flat, and took it in to Tires Plus. The tire had a nail in it, and was patched. Everything was peachy. The drive home I started to notice a strange noise from the same wheel. Almost like I had picked up another nail. Sounded quite nasty, especially on decel, whether or not the clutch is engaged or not. Sort of like a hum, or the sound of a jet engine powering down. Definitely speed dependent.


Took it to the same place and they recommended the Hub Assembly be replaced. Which sounded perfectly acceptable to me. But I ended up driving it home after much debate. Then proceeded to drive it another hundred miles before the night was over. :cool::confused::spin::mad:;):eek::p


Anyway, is this common? It's my first AWD car and I'm very unconfident in making any diagnosis.


PS. If you tell me to use the "Search" function, go jump off a bridge.



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These cars are known for the rear hubs going bad as well as the fronts. My left front went first.


What year is yours ? You can drive a long time before the bearing is really bad, but if you can hear that clearly yours is ready to go.


Most of us hear a low hum for a long time, the hum will change as you take corners at highway speeds.

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