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Seattle WA Mechanic Recommendation for 2005 OBXT for an antifreeze smell

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Hey everyone,


I bought a 2005 OBXT with around 120k on it a couple weeks ago from a dealer and I've been driving it around with no problems.


I recently started noticing a slight antifreeze smell when I'd get out of my car, I thought it was someone else's car, but its seemed to get a bit stronger.


I'm thinking I need to take it in and get it checked out before anything goes wrong. I live in Seattle Washington and would love any suggestions you may have for a place.


If you have any idea what the smell might be, I'm open to looking into it myself as well. It only happens when the car is warmed up. Sometimes its after a short distance (driving for around 15 minutes or so)

I've checked the fluid levels, and everything seems ok, so it is most likely a small leak, but I want to be safe.



I just want this thing to last and want to make sure that nothing goes wrong with it.


Thanks for the help and advice in advance!


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Dealer should cover it under the 30 day warranty ???

I tried that, but the dealer isn't stepping up to the plate. Its a bit frustrating.

I'm taking it into R&H Garage today. We'll see what they say.


Thanks guys!


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