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Front and Rear Sway Bars

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Hey Guys,

I have an '06 Legacy 2.5i. I am thinking of swapping out the sway bars when I do the suspension work (stuts, ball joints, sway bar end links). I don't want to do anything that will damage something else or make something else wear too quickly but I would like to tighten up the roll some.



Do you guys know what diameter the front sway bars (FSB's) are?

If I upgrade the front what size do you generally recommend?

It looks like there isn't one on the rear from the factory, is it a big mod to add one? If so what size do I get?

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Copied some pics I put in Wasp's thread... a few photos that were easy to find. If this gets through their QC process I'd rather not have them on my car:











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Material quality.

Quality materials should deform (bend) not shatter/break like seen. A hard hit will do damage, I get that, but just like cheap wheels made from pot metal that explode on big impact, Tein looks to be using some pretty crappy metal stock to develop their products.

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my thought was to swap out the bushings on the fsb until i can pull the trigger on a new fsb and springs. it's always easier to spend $20 then $200+++.


unless they are torn, dont bother. Just wastijng your money.


Adding a bigger bar in front isnt going to help unless you make a matching change in the rear. Also, if you are driving crap tires, the fsb is not going have much effect on your cornering ability.


The suspension forum has several stickies that will answer the vast majority of your questions. Start there, read them threw to the end, then ask questions when you dont understand.

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