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Buying a LGT in Utah.

Blue Shark

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Does anyone know any back story on either of these cars and which one is more of a deal?


He says timing belt was done 3k miles ago. And wants 11 for it. Books out NADA for 13.


Airbag light is on, don't know how bad this can be, how expensive to fix that?

And new tires, easy fix. I just don't know why the price is so low. How much would it cost to fix the rusty door ding?


Thanks guys.

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Avoid the second one. Looks like the one that was posted a few weeks ago. Looks like its been modified too, based on the exhaust... The first one looks nicer, but has more miles. You might be looking at a turbo replacement in the next 20K, but it could last longer. If they just did the timing belt, that's a plus for sure.
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