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battery terminal connector

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hey guys,


i have a 05 LGT, and i was cleaning the battery, i took of the negative battery terminal connector and in doing so i ripped the actual metal piece apart.


where do i get the part and how do i swap it out.


many thanks!

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Bumping this as my negative battery clamp completely cracked and will no longer clamp onto the battery terminal.


Tracing the clamp back to the wire, it looks like it's crimped and soldered on. Am I going to have to replace the entire cable, or is there enough left that I can snip off the clamp and crimp on a new one? Anyone have part numbers?



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Any auto parts store, Kmart, walmart, etc. will have a new crimp on end, about $3.00. Go get one.


When you go to start the car next time, You have now reset the ECU, turn the key to ON for 10 seconds then start the engine. It starts better that way.

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