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OBXT brake upgrade to LGT - calipers?


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Hello! I've been reading a lot about converting the brakes on an OBXT to that of an LGT. I am interested in doing the conversion but had a question and was hoping someone could answer. Do the OBXT and LGT share the same calipers? I know I will need new rotors, pads and caliper brackets but can I use the old calipers? I've seen one comment that says they are the same and a parts company using the same number for just the calipers but that's it. Any comments welcome!
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I am not quite sure WHY Subaru did this, but the LGT rotors are a larger diameter than the OBXT, so I would assume the Calipers would have to be different for the LGT as well. Side by side, the rotor size difference is quite visible (1" difference or so). I am not aware of any FRONT "Caliper Bracket" to make these fit. If someone knows differently please speak up.


NOTE : It is not uncommon for aftermarket suppliers to have incorrect information on their websites, especially if they sell parts for a wide range of vehicles. Also, if they are selling OBXT brakes, they would fit a LGT, but for you, it would not be an upgrade. You may want to check the classifieds here every once in awhile, as these (LGT) brakes come up For Sale every now and then.

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Changing the calipers is the whole point.


Just wondering why you would say this?


In my opinion the larger rotor sizes is the most beneficial point. The advantages of the larger rotors is you now have more braking surface and can use a bigger pad. The other main advantage would be that the rotors can handle more heat, especially since they are wider and the rears are vented vs solid. I can't see there being a huge advantage between the two stock calipers using the same master cylinder...


Thanks for the comment though.

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How do you plan on using a larger pad without the larger caliper?


What you're saying is true, but the larger caliper also allows for a larger pad and increased heat capacity. The caliper and rotor work as a system, it's not just the size of the rotor doing all the work.

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So I swapped out the stock OBXT brakes for a set of LGT brakes Upgrade to LGT breaks, FRONT, is....

Hello all,


I found this info...


"Originally Posted by Xenonk http://legacygt.com/forums/skynetim/buttons/viewpost.gif

To do the swap, you just need:


GT front calipers

GT front caliper brackets (usually included with the caliper from the dealer)

GT front rotors

GT front brake pads

Brake Fluid of your choice"

(Thank you all!)


What about the same upgrade to LGT breaks, REAR ???

OBXT is a solid disk, LGT is ventilated, but I don't know any other details.

1) Does it even matter? (it's the rear...)

2) Would it (upgrading only the front) change the car's breaking bias? (front becomes more effective)

3) Also, any changes to the hand break system?


thanks for any info,

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