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Trip computer removal and fuel economy??

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Pulled my dash apart to add a blue tooth kit. I 've been driving with the trip computer removed. My fuel economy has dropped quite a bit. I wouldn't think it should have an affect on things, but I did just buy this car. Just waiting on the BT kit to arrive.


2009 Legacy 2.5 Limited, non turbo, 4 speed automatic

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Come on, really? It's a reference. I'll math it up for us all though.

16.9 gal tank /8 =2.125 gals

25 miles / 2.125 gals = 11.76 MPG

Not quite the 25ish avg I had.

FYI I may have rounded a few numbers.


So should the trip computer have this impact on my MPG or miles per 1/8 tank?

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Thanks. I been so busy with all this tonight I hadn't noticed your avatar/ location. I miss my occasional trip on base. Nice people, clean houses, and some pretty cool stuff to look at.


Yep! Where in OK are you located? We've got a nice long thread going in the regional forum.

'08 Legacy 2.5i - hybrid intake - delta 1000 - E85 - magnaflow exhaust
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