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so i have a 2002 lagacy wagon gl. about a month ago the check engine light came on. i let it go for a few days, not thinking anythign serious was going to happen. well, i overheated!

i managed to get my car home, talk with some people about it, and came to the conclusion that my thermostat was bad and so i went about changing it out. few youtube videos later, i was done. went for a test drive, got half mile from my house, and started to over heat again. i turned around, got in the driveway and just let the car run at about 3k rpm for 5 mins or so. was almost like a thunk went thru the car and heat gauge went back down and everything seemed normal. i drove it for about 30 mins that night and all ran great.

i use for a commuter as i drive a pass everyday for work so i need my car. ran fine for another week and a half and the same problem happened. when the car overheated tho, all my fluids boiled up in the overflow and came out that way. no other leaks anywhere in my car.

i towed it to a shop and they said headgasket was causing this.i just redid the headgasket in jan last year and never experienced this overheating when that one blew.

anyhow, i put the computer to the car and it came up with error code of PO483 def cooling fan rationality check. probable causes; low coolant, ect malfunction, or cooling fan defective. i changed/checked the first two, and car did the same thing. i let i run at 2.5k to 3k rpm and 5 mins later started to get hot. i shut car off and came here!

anyone experience this and/or have an idea of what is going on? i do not know a lot about auto work, but am mechanically sound. just not so good in the diagnostic phase of the work. any and all suggestions would be greatly appreciated. thanks

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i got one from napa. the guys our family has used for last 30yrs have always led us right. is there a preference?

not sure how to check and/or get the air out of the line. was wierd that the car ran fine for almost two weeks and then exact same thing happened. again, im not on an a game when coming to diagnostics.

water pump was replaced in summer 2010 along with all the other goodies involved in timing belt, cams, pulleys, etc...\

the car is at 185k miles. everything else is running strong and i will run the thing into the ground after im over 350k. they are tanks.

the headgasket was a little much for me to take on so i took to a subaru certified/specific mech and that was last year in jan.



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I had a similar occurrence. Check for an air pocket. I took the top hose off my radiator and filled the block directly. With a thermostat mounted on the bottom of the motor makes it hard to fill the block back up through the radiator. It happened to me on a 98. The newer designs do have a more slopped upper hose to direct coolant that way once the radiator is full but that is a long process. Good luck.
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is it weird for that to happen twice tho? with the air pocket thing? was weird to me that it did it out of the blue, i thought i fixed it, then it did it again. i will drain all the fluid again, then try what you suggested. thanks for taking the time...j
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