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Legacy Sedan vs. Sedan

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GT Sedan vs. GT Wagon  

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Hey Guys,


My car was totaled in January, so I'm on the hunt for a new one. I had a chub for the MazdaSpeed3 for the last few weeks, but after being lied to by sellers and figuring out they had HUGE problems, I decided against it.


I had never heard of the Legacy GT until a few days ago, driving my built 93' Mustang on the interstate, a Legacy GT pulled up next to me, honked a few times, and gunned it. The Subie kept up farely well next to what I thought was a "monster" mustang.


It's all boiling down to, Legacy GT Sedan v. Legacy GT Wagon.


Any help? I know the wagon is 50lbs heavier but thats it. I can't imagine the handling is too far off, nothing new sway bars can't fix. Is gas mileage affected for better or worse?


Anything I should know before I dive head-first into these cars is much appreciated...


-User Name

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