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Know next to nothing of Subarus... Questions?

uncle humjaba

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Hi all,


As I mentioned in my intro thread, I'm looking to get out of my '96 Mustang and into a Legacy GT. I just wanted to ask some questions, as I'm unfamiliar with the Subaru culture.


- Generally speaking, how are consumable prices? (brake pads, rotors, clutches, etc). I currently have a Miata and a Mustang, both of which are VERY cheap to maintain.

- How would you describe the handling character of an LGT? I've never driven one, but know they're quite competitive in their class autocrossing. Is it possible with some minor tweaking to achieve some neutral balance (I prefer a tendency towards slight oversteer, but seems that AWD may work against that?)

- I know someone said "Search" but I didn't find an answer - is there any difference between the LGT and STi long blocks? What is in there (what's forged?)

- What are considered the standard going power levels for the stock drivetrain? What breaks first?


Thanks guys. I've been looking in the FS section here, because I would prefer to purchase from an enthusiast who cares for his vehicle. Still need more posts... :spin:

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In my experience:

1) not that expensive. Should be pretty comparable to domestics.


2) they can be tweaked pretty well with various sway bar stiffnesses / spring/shock / coil over setups, just depends on how much you want to spend I guess. As it tends to be with many subaru's in a stock form if you give it too much power it'll want to understeer in a hard turn, not enough power or rolling off the throttle in a turn and it'll want to oversteer, so it's a delicate balance.


3) Coming from the 2.5i I'm not 100% on this, but I think the LGT is the EJ255 (wrx equivalent) block and the STI is the EJ257 block. No clue on internals


4) everyone complains about the turbo's burning up around here which is apparently an easy fix to keep it from happening (see banjo bolt cleaning)

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Thanks! Having ridden in a couple subarus in autocross, it seems the trick is to lift off on turn in to get some rotation, and then mash the gas once you're past the apex. Recipe for a spin in either of my current cars, but sounds like fun!


How does this look? Price seems reasonable, but the radom miss has me scared after reading this thread some



Also, both of my cars were stock when I purchased them, but inevitably I was bitten by the mod bug. Any advice as to whether I should let someone else take the hit and purchase a modded car (e.g. from these forums) as opposed to a stocker?

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