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I bought a torque solutions tmic and it feels like its impossible to get a nice fit on the throttle body side. I tried the stock one seemed to work ok but still doesn't seem like a good fit and so I ordered a avo silicone hose for it put that on last night and tinker pippin off the throttle body because of the angle of the hose but I finally got it on its barly on the throttle body but as of now no leaks. Does anyone have any advice for this issue or something better to do ?
KMT Tuned
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My IPr needs to be put on the TB hose after you get the perfect angle on the new OEM hose. It needs to be put in the hose just far enough to get the clamp to hold when tightened really tight. Then push it around and line it up on the turbo.


It can be done just not easy to do. If you have a friend to help that may be a +

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