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cars a 2001 subaru legacy gt 5 speed, this code (p0446) popped on the other day, i cleared it, drove in the neighborhood of 50 miles went out to start my car this morning at work came back out and the glorious cel was back on. got home read the codes and this one popped up. did some research on google and other subaru forums and didnt come up with a straight answer. obviously i dont want to start randomly replacing parts soooo where do i start and what the hell does the code mean? thanks:confused:
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Google subaru dtc code.

Take the one with full diagnostics. If unable to find, pm me your e mail and I will send you as an attachment.

Too big for the forum and being a pdf I can't separate the individuals. total of 294 pages, the one I have.

It's a problem with the vent control solenoid.


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