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Advice on selling 05 LGT

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Hello all!


2005 Subaru Legacy GT 5 speed ( Limited)

- brilliant silver

- black leather interior

- 192k

- clean CT title

- no cel


Ok so at this point I do not know whether to keep or sell my wagon.

I bought this vehicle in the auction and don't know much about the previous work done to it. From the clues I gathered, it was female owned and she traveled long distances for her job. The wagon is absolutely amazing I love it but to be honest it's not the greatest car on gas. To be honest I don't feel like putting more money into the car, i was thinking of leaving that to the next owner who keeps the wagon.

( if i kept it i would do the timing belt, water pump, etc.)

- the brakes are little low but they aren't squeaking

- left rear wheel bearing is going


... body is 8/10 ( few minor Knicks)

... interior 8/10


Sooooooooo I was wondering if you guys can help me come up with a sale price for my wagon?


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Was gonna say 7k but look's like it need's a timing belt job and bearing job and maybe brake job soon so I would say 6.5k the most.

If it didn't need anything I would say 7.5, maybe 8 if it looks and drives great

My gt sedan is only valued at 10k with 108k miles

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Probably you would end up selling that for $6000-$6500.


192k is going to scare folks off. It seems to be scaring you too.


Frankly agreed. $5,000 would be my the most I'd pay given the mileage and the natural wear that would take on the transmission, the engine, the suspension, and pretty much every one of the components on that car. Plus, you already listed stuff that needs to be done/fixed on it straightaway; that all costs money too.


Honestly, I never really got people who sell their car because of the gas mileage. Assuming you're buying a new car, that's a HUGE chunk of money to throw down, and you still have to put gas in it (just less or less frequently). I say if gas is the only thing making you sell it... just keep it. Fix it up, put gas in it, don't mash it from every stoplight, and enjoy it because it's a great car.


EDIT: Just read your sale thread... yeah, that is admittedly a lot of maintenance for you to perform. If you do it at a stealership it would cost you a fortune. If you have any friends who are mechanics or who know how to work on cars you could attempt it with their help. This could save you thousands, considering that head gaskets themselves are only like $40, getting them replaced can cost well over $1,000 all-told. As a college student myself, I think keeping the car is the best move. Although FWIW, if you were closer to SoCal I'd offer to come by and take a look hahahaha.

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