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Clutch suggestion for stage 2


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I have a stage 2 05 lgt. On hard pulls in 5th it slips sometimes so Im guessing its time to swap out for better.


Ive read the stickied available clutch thread but I'm still a little unsure about what I should get.


I'm interested in upgrading to a light weight flywheel while they're in there.


Any suggestions? I never launch nor do track days or anything.

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If you don't track or autocross your car then don't get a light weight flywheel, the noise and reduced drivability won't be worth it.


Get the Subaru OEM single mass flywheel used in the 07-09 Legacy GT and 06+ WRX.




EDIT : Get the TSK3 sleeve kith with the improved throw out bearing too.

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Definently snag a single mass clutch from 06+ wrx. Ive been running an exedy replacement clutch for about 15k miles now and have 200+ launches on it and my last pass i made at the track had my 255s spinning. I just pulled it out and its still got a good amount of life in it. Stock pedal feel/engagment and increased holding power for a good price. I do have a cm fx300 sitting for stage 3 though.
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