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drift L(summer project)

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Finnally think I'm financially stable enough to pull of having a summer project.... here's what I've been thinking...


Subaru legacy L( wagon or sedan) with sway bars and coil overs. Gutted back seat and rollcage instal. I want a ej22 for sure.. for reason of possible boost in the future. But here's the catch.. I wanna convert to rwd so I can drift it. So far all I've come up with is that my friend says he'd be able to make front diff work so.it does put.power to the wheels so that's not a problem. But now I'm stuck on what to do with rear diff. Would factor L diff work for drifting or should I use the VLSD from an outback? Or would I be better of welding spider gears together? This will be a dedicated race car... by no means a DD. looking for opinions, so anyone has anything to say Id like to hear. Anybody think that legacy would make good drift vehical? If not, reasons? Thanks for your time.. currently car ahopping but hopefully car is in my garage and rwd in the next month and a half:)

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Idk for sure I believe that he said you just take a couple certain gears out that will pretty much make the whole thing functional but.useless.. and Idk if it'd be strong enough. I was going someone here could point me in the direction of a simpler way.
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After a simple google search. I don't know if this affects the strength of the transmission or not.


A spool or full lock puts lots of strain on the axle... that diff in a legacy is only designed for 50% power. These guys might have a spool for ya...



If the power train holds up to it, imo go for it.


Another article...




I am interested in this for a solid axle 4wd conversion idea... Otherwise I wouldn't care that much.

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