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Hey Guys,


I need a picture of the 2005-2009 Subaru Legact GT SEDAN rear taillight assembly, as installed on the car. Specifically, take your smartphone, open the little plastic access door that uncovers the bulbs and snap a clear picture. Thanks.



I got rear ended in December 2012. Car got fixed but in the process the rear tail lights were removed then reinstalled. Now I blew a bulb (the tail/stop light) and there is no way for me to remove it...I twist the bulb but I just don't have enough "play" in the wire to actually remove the bulb from its housing.


I initially suspected that the mechanic installed them wrongly as the main wiring harness feeding the 3 bulbs seems to be trapped between the plastic body of the light assembly and the metal sub-frame to which the light assembly is attached. The factory manual seems to invalidate my theory...but I still cannot remove the darn bulb and I have no intention of removing both rear light assemblies myself. A picture might help me though.


Thanks in advance.



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That happened to me before.... my bumper was repaired, and they installed it wrong and got the wires stuck under the chassis when it should have gone over.


You're going to have to remove the rear lights. It's just a few nuts, you shouldn't be afraid of doing that job at all. On the scale of difficulty of 1-10, this job is a 0. ;)


Sorry, no picture, just take my word for it.

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