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Swap radio and "pocket" location?

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Hey Guys,


So I just bought a 99 Leggy Outback wagon and it has the factory add-on 6 disc changer. It has an additional single DIN unit for the CD below the radio, so I do not have a pocket.


I just purchased a cheap-o Kenwood CD player with 6.5" coax's to replace my blown door speakers.


Anyways, my question is, with a normal Subaru radio install kit, is it possible to put the radio on the bottom with the storage pocket above it? I hope so, because then I could see the radio and change the station when I have a coffee in the cup holder. ;)

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you should have a bracket that holds everything in, that's 2xDIN slots, so it really doesn't matter which goes on top, which goes on bottom...unless this gen of legacy is very "special"


aftermarket HU comes with multiple holes on the side that will "accept" different bracket design

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Yes you can put the cubby above the radio. That is the first thing I have done on all 5 of my second generation legacys. Its a 10 minute job


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