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problem with my 2009 2.5i

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So today I started up the car and even after letting it warm up (very cold outside) it is giving a CEL (sustained, not flashing) as well as the indicator with the squigly lines below the car (sorry, car newb forget the name of the symbol). I also noticed that the green "Cruise" light is flashing. I did recently install an NTD throttle controller to the car but has been running just fine (for about 2 weeks) until this morning.


My fluids are all good although the coolant was way low, could that be it? or could it be because of the throttle controller?


any help would be really appreciated! doesn't seem like something that needs to be checked out at a shop.




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I'm gonna have to disagree with you.

You need to get your codes pulled.

A CEL and flashing cruise together normally don't mean kittens and puppies and rainbows and stuff.




If that throttle controller is the only "new" item, pull it out and see if the ind. lights go away?



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