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What newer cars are going to appreciate in value??

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SO, my father is getting rid of his old school collector cars (60's shelby cobra replica, and a 69' Z28 camaro) to auction off at mecum this winter. And he wants to take his winnings and get one badass newer car thats going to go up in value down the road. Ideally he's looking to spend about 150k but i guess spending less works too.


So far i've come up with this short list:


2012 Mustang Boss 302 Laguna Seca

2012 Camaro ZL1

2012 Corvette Z06 Carbon Edition

2012 Mercedes SLS AMG Roadster

2002-2006 Ford GT

2004 RAM SRT-10 (no bs they're going up in value)

1998 Porsche turbo (the last year of the air cooled porsches)


What else is out there relatively new thats going to be a collectible one day and be worth more than it is today?? I think he's leaning more towards that SLS AMG as he's a huge mercedes fan and already you can't even buy them at market value.

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Ford GT and the SLS are likely the only cars on that list that will increase in value in the near future. 98 911 might in about 15 years, but the rest still have too much supply. Mustang and Camaro are still being built, the new C7 Vette will push the value of the C6 way down even the 'collectors' versions.


The next 'wave' of collectors cars are going to be from the 80's and early 90's but don't expect them to get as hot as the cars from the 60's and 70's. Cars I expect to rise in value are E30 M3's (already gone up in value in the last 5 years), Mitsubishi Starion/Conquest (already started an upward trend but slowly), RX-7 (FD-3S, only original condition), MKIV Supras (duh), and I'm hoping 3000GT's. I do not expect many if any American cars of that era outside of Grand Nationals, Typhoons and Cyclones to really garner any increase in value because lets face it they are all giant pieces of shit.

2003 Baja 5MT

2016 Outback 2.5i Premium w/Eyesight

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yea its going to come down to the limited production high end sports cars that people will be drooling to own in twenty years. Like how the supras and NSX's are now. Yea that lexus is wild, I wonder how the GT-R is going to fair in the future.
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Ford announced they are ending Boss production in the '13 model year. It will be a while before you'd see them go up in value.


993 TT have been holding or slightly increasing their value for the last 10 years or so. To be a lot more rare or desirable you'd have to hunt down a 97 993 TT S which was a one year only car and you only gain 20-30hp over a regular TT. An alternative would be a 94 964 Turbo S (the black 911 from the first movie Bad Boys).


Random other domestics worth looking at are Buick T Type/Grand National/GNX. I know of a collector who is selling a mint GNX right now for top coin. Not sure if he still has it. Also 93 or 95 Mustang Cobra R's. Only 107 (or 106) 93 Cobra R's were made and only 250 (iirc) 95 Cobra R's were made.

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The 2012 centennial edition z06/zr1 corvettes might show an increase in value in 20+ years or so, but only after the sharp decrease that everything goes through. Also, the 2013 427 convertible, since it will be the only year.
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The Bugatti will go up in value. So will the Ferrari Enzo. As will the Porsche Carrera GT.


Most others will not.



Collector cars go up in value because there is an underlying fundamental: people are fulfilling their dreams of owning cars they drooled about in HS/college. For that to go on there needs to be a either growing numbers of people like that or their wealth should be growing faster than their ranks are shrinking. Both are unlikely to go on. It's possible that the upper-middle class ranks will start growing fast again, but it's a risky bet. The rich will probably keep on getting richer, but for $150 I doubt it's possible to buy something the future rich would pay for.

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