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Legacy 2.0 LITER Clutch Set ? XMAS urgent

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Please help: I have a friend with a JAPANESE made 1998 Subaru Legacy with a 2.0 Liter (not 2.2 or 2.5L) engine.


He needs a new clutch.


Question: Will a Clutch set for a 2.2 or a 2.5 L 1998 Legacy fit a 2.0 L engine?


Does anyone have any experience with this problem?





ps. I am trying to solve this problem for him and buy a clutch for his Xmas present so your consideration is appreciated.

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I wanted to give you all an update on the 1998 Japanese made 2.0 L Legacy and clutch question. I purchased a clutch assembly for a 2.2L/2.5L (they use the same clutch). I gave it to my friend for Xmas. The clutch fit perfect.


Mystery solved.

thanks to all for their input.


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