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help a newb?

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hey fellas. just bought my first turbo car, well, car in general for that matter - and have a few questions.


i want to keep it as stock as possible since i'll be driving it daily, except for a couple comsetic changes...


whats the best way to lower about an inch? springs im assuming? recommended brands?


i'd also like to move the wheels out a little. does anybody run spacers?


thanks in advance

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Yes epics have a better ride quality but tein h are just fine and a good price. 1inch is not much of a drop but how ever the stock struts are not made for a inch drop as far as wear and tear or premature failure I wouldn't worry about it it wouldn't make that much of a difference. No just switch your springs that's it.
KMT Tuned
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I've had H-Techs on my stock shocks for a couple years and the ride improvement was tremendous. Not harsh at all but much more solid than the stock springs when going around turns.

It doesn't sit too low that I ever worry about hitting things and I really like the height with 17" wheels in the summer. In the winter I put on 18" wheels with Continentals and get even better clearance.

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