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Perrin Vs Perrin High Flow Uppipe?


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Which one is best? Would the smaller pipe help spool the turbo faster? I'd rather have less turbo lag than more power. My main concern is getting a little more noise and getting rid of the timebomb cat in the stock uppipe.


I was also looking at the Grimmspeed because its cheap, but the flex-pipe scares me. It looks like exhaust leak heaven after about 40,000K miles. Any opinions on these pipes or any I missed?

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That's what I was leaning towards. I figured the high flow Perrin was for stage 2+. I never plan on going over 280 horse with this car. I hope to someday get the entire exhaust done (UP, Catted DP, Catback), an intake, and maybe when I do the timing belt a lightweight crank pulley. If the turbo ever blows I'll probably go 16 or 18G or maybe a VF52 with a real gentle tune. The car is an auto so maybe an aftermarket cooler eventually too. The Hexmods valve body is too expensive, and unless one falls into my lap is likely never going to be on my shopping list.
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