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WANTED! Horn Upgrade for 5th gen!


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Has anyone upgraded their car horn? Or Professional Install?

If so, degree of difficulty? What did you get?


I had a wild idea to do to my car but, sadly, I don't know

Enough about it to tackle on my own and not sure how it

Could work.


I love my Subaru ... but always loved the trumpeting sound

Of a Ferrari horn. so I did my research and found that it is made

By a company called "FIAMM" specifically the model (serie 2000)

Which is 2 plastic trumpet air horns, an air compressor, and some



I found a United States distributor which sells this genuine

Ferrari horns at Ferrari pricing, but wanted some honest commentary

On doing it and how to.


Also, how would one avoid water from rain and Car washing to

keep out of horns. No one wants a Donald Duck gargling



I can PM the link of the distributor to anyone who asks. Not

Sure if posting it is okay to do in this forum as it represents

Another manufacturer and cannot be certain if kit sold contains

All needed parts including mounting.


Any opinions or commentary on making this dream a reality is welcomed!

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