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Adding Mesh to Stock Grill Without Bondo and Chopping Up Your Stock Grill

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So I saw this http://legacygt.com/forums/showthread.php/easy-diy-additional-front-grills-and-intercooler-shield-61843.html


And wanted to do the lowers but I didn't feel like having to chop up my stock grill to make it match and didn't have the cash for an already made grill so...


A trip to Home Depot for some mesh and I used Plasti-Dip to paint as I had already Plasti-Dipped the stock grill and wanted it to match.


After removing the grill I cut a piece about 28" x 8"



Then I started wrapping the mesh around like so. It is necessary to cut in the middle for the hood latch.





I drilled 4 holes on each side where indicated. 3/16" so the zip ties could be inserted.





Inserting the zip ties like so.




Both sides complete.




Not pretty from the back side.




But from the front...




And on the car. Still have to do the lowers but that's another night.



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Did you have to drill holes to attach the lower mesh?


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Yellow arrows indicate where I drilled holes for zip ties. Originally I drilled two holes for each zip tie, but you really only need one.








Pretty much invisible unless you are making out with it.


Then for the top I used 4 self tapping screws






Basically the lower mesh is two pieces and I used a screw for each corner.


It was really easy and is almost invisible but it adds a little protection and makes it a little different.

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I'm going to do this tomorrow. A few questions. what kind if mesh did you use? I'm afraid it will rust, maybe I'll treat the mesh with a clear spray. Also did you sand before plastidip?


I just used the mesh they had at Home Depot. It was like $12 for a very large sheet. It can get very sharp when cutting, so use gloves.


I didn't sand at all before Plasti-Dip. No need to. That stuff is amazing. So far it has been holding up just fine on the mesh, even on my rims. I did about 3 light coats front and back to make sure I got a nice even coating.

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