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Engine cover "relocation"

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Like most people, the engine covering all the goodies bothers me. I hate opening the hood to a big ass piece of plastic. That being said, it does serve a purpose in sealing up the intercooler and hood. I wanted to keep the functionality but not have it cover everything.


So...I trimmed it and attached it to the hood.

It took me about an hour total to do so not very time consuming.


Tools needed:

Flat screwdriver/body clip tool

Hacksaw or angle grinder



4 Nuts and Bolts of your choosing

Tube of paint or anything to dab some drops




I started by cutting the bottom half off








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Next I positioned the now cut cover in its normal position, and using the paint I had, I dabbed a few spots of paint onto the seal on the bottom of the hood. Once I had the paint on there, I closed the hood, reopened it and viola. The paint marked the engine cover.







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Now that its marked, next step would be to remove the splitter under the hood.

There are a few body clips and these suckers are strong little guys. I was very careful and saved all but two of them. If you have no patience than i would have some replacements ready.





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Once removed, last step would be to line your paint marks up and drill 4 holes one in each corner and run your bolts thru to attach both pieces together.





When your done attaching them, re-install using as many of the clips as you can and thats it. One thing im gonna do is trim the sides off too, gonna do that later on today, should be alot cleaner once i do that and not as noticeable.




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Looks like wrx one sorta. Never thought of this being done before kudos to you
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