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4EAT Stalling issue

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2006 legacy 2.5i sedan


This morning I had to turn the key twice to get the car to start.


Then just now i was backing up out of a parking spot and the car stalled.


This is an automatic (4EAT) car.



Any ideas what is causing this? I just bought the car three weeks ago, should I raise hell at the dealership?



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Yes, I believe all states have 30 warrenty. But either way call them. If they won't help or will charge you, take it to a repair shop that has a lot of cars at it.


Those are the guy's that know there stuff, that's why they are busy.


Where do you live ? I know a great shop in my area.

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I live in VA, I just called the dealership and they said theres no way i would be able to take it back.


He said the only option I have is to bring it in to be fixed.


I'm still trying to find solid information about VA used car laws, but for now im just going to take it to autozone to have the alternator/battery tested.

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