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How to: Rear Stabi Mount Reinforcement for 2010+

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DIY install guide - AVO Reinforcement Bracket for the Rear Stabilizer Bar Mount


The two rear mounts for the rear stabilizer bar brackets are ok - for standard rear bars - but not great. From experience, this rear suspension setup has had issues with larger bars flexing, and sometimes breaking, the rear mounts. So we created some rear mount reinforcement brackets to keep this from happening.


This is a guide on how to install the rear mount reinforcement brackets.


1) Start by removing the large bolt from the differential mount bracket above the stabi- lizer bar mount bracket. This should be a 17mm bolt. Remove the bolt and the plate. You will not re-use the plate.



2) Fit the AVO rear stabilizer bar mount bracket to the rear differential mount with the large bolt. The bracket replaces the plate that was there fully. Loosely tighten it up, do not tighten it fully.



3) Once it’s lined up properly (between the two outer ridges of the bushing bracket), tighten these two bolts up first.



4) Now remove the two bolts holding the stabilizer bar bushing bracket down. You will not re-use these two bolts either. These should be 12mm in size.



5) Now fit the provided bolts with spacers to the stabilizer bar bushing mount bracket. Lightly tighten these up, and get the bracket lined up properly.



6) Finally, tighten the large bolt up fully, and make sure that everything is lined up properly. Loosen the bolts off and re-align if necessary.



Note: After completion and removing your tools, double check for any loose nuts or misaligned fittings.




Paul Hansen



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