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Magnaflow exhaust - should install cold air intake also?


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Hey guys, noob to this site and noob to the tuner scene. I recently purchased an 07 lgt that has magnaflow exhaust installed. LOVE THE CAR! I bought it from a dealer so I am unaware of any other mods that may have been done to the car. As of now it has factory intake, and I want to put an STP cold air intake setup with the heat shield. The Subaru parts website said with those two additions and the STP exhaust the car can gain 30 hp ( I'm assuming similar results with magnaflow).


Anyone made a similar move? How'd it turn out? What are the advantages to this move? ( ie power, gas mileage, smoother operation)


My check engine light has been finicky so far, coming on for random periods. Will this move increase this trouble?


Thank you all for any guidance! It is much appreciated

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Welcome to the site!


Leave the stock intake on. It is more than enough for up to early stage 3 power levels.


Search around in the tuning section and you will learn about the recommended mods and different "stages"

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You are not likely to see any gains from an intake other than more intake sound. Use the search before starting a new thread, you will find the answer to your question and a lot more info on it.


It is impossible to know whether an intake will have any effect on the CEL without knowing what the check engine light was for. If you don't have a way to pull codes yourself, take it to auto zone they can do it for free.

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Search. Read. Repeat.




PS, STP never made an intake, but their first few albums are legit.


Stay away from SPT, though, that'll be the majority opinion throughout the forum.


K&N Typhoon, Cobb, and KSTech are some popular choices.


You will not make use of an intake until Stage 3, and installing one, as mentioned, will require a tune to adjust MAF scaling. ONLY then might you see the gains that are advertised.


In the meantime, best stay stock.

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