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Stainless Steel AVCS recommendations

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I quit! Was replacing my hard pipe AVCS line on my 09 LGT and I ain't taking noting else off!


Going to put SS lines for the AVCS and Turbo oil feed. Anyone have any recommendations of stuff that you have used? I notice that the orifice leading to the turbo oil feed is smaller than the one going to the AVCS, so I guess that I need to make sure the SS lines and fittings are sized accordingly.


Tell me what works so I can get back on the road.....please.


Oh...Stock Turbo on the car....

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IP&T oil line and inline filter. He has them for both the turbo and AVCS.


Outstanding quality and fitment, easy to install.


Sounds good and I have heard good things about the source. I notice there is no 'Contact us' link....anyone know how to get to IP&T with questions?

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