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Removing under-hood padding?


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Does that padding under the hood serve any purpose anyways? I'd like to remove it just because it's ugly and kind of stained in some spots. I'm just trying to figure out ways to improve the looks of the car even when the hood is open.


BTW, just became a Monkey title.



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well i just heard about it protecting the paint but that makes sense


i've heard if the engine is on fire the plastic clips melt and the padding falls onto the engine in the case the driver is stupid enough the open the hood, the padding would help contain the fire for a little bit

5eat downshift rev match:):wub:

Powder coated wheels: completed:)

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I removed mine last summer because it was really goofed up and torn. No problems that I can tell with engine temps or the paint being affected.


If the engine is putting out enough heat up to the hood to melt or damage the paint I think you got larger problems.

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