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17x9.75 xxr

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I drive a 95 legacy wagon and I have been saving for months and I am almost ready to get some wheels. The 16x9 wheels I like are a little to pricey and hard to find so my thought for the past few months was to go 17x9 and get some rota grids. Ive seen a few wagons the same year as mine pull off 17x9s very well and I am confident I could make the grids fit the way I want. But after doing some late night searching I ran into some xxr 527s. The xxrs come in 17x9.75 and are a lot cheaper than all of my other options ,but I'm afraid they are too wide especially for the front. I have seen a sedan with these same wheels and they look awsome but the only wagon I saw was kevins white one on the black 18x9.75s. I remember seeing a red wagon on here about a year ago that had xxrs 527s that looked like 17s but I can't find it! I am just curious of how they fit and would like to simply see that picture again and find out if they were the 9.75s because if so I'm ordering those bad girls tonight.

If ya guys know who I'm talking about I'd be siked!

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