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Towing with my 96 Legacy OBwith the 2.2?

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Okay, so I need to tow a very small trailer with a 1000 lb car on it from Dallas TX to Phoenix. Total weight of the car and trailer is maybe 1,800 lbs. I'm a very slow and cautious driver when towing, but am I asking too much of my Subie? It is an Automatic also and the car is in very good shape. Trailer doesn't have brakes. Thanks for any input.



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the tow limit for the 96 - 99 outbacks is 2000 lbs. but over 1000 electric brakes are needed, according to the owners manual.


i would do it but i would start to stop WAY WAY early and keep my speed down. especially in traffic. on the open road with no one around it would be more what can the outback handle. but in traffic it is more avoiding situations with other cars.


EDIT: the most dangerous part of the trip maybe the first few miles with the car on the trailer, especially if you are in town with traffic & lights.


i would also consider driving a good part of the trip in the early morning, 4 - 7 am if possible and to be in ''nowhere west texas'' during rush hour. i pull a 8000 lb trailer with a ford super duty dually pickup a couple days each week. most times i'm driving to my work location early so i'll be ready to work at 6 or 7 am. it is always surprising to me how much more work it is to drive during rush hour.


also i would add an oil cooler for the trans fluid. they aren't expensive, $30 or so and just a few hose clamps. the only thing i'm not clear on is which trans cooler hose is the one feeding from the trans to the radiator. that is the one you want to mount it on. this will cool the fluid before it gets to the radiator. that way the radiator will keep the fluid the correct operating temp.


and of course be sure to have good tires and brakes.

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I wouldn't be too concerned about it if your car was as it left the factory....but with the rear drive shaft being removed, I don't know if that can add any stress to the transmission or not.


Chances are you will be just fine.


Have you thought about borrowing a smaller pickup (like a Ranger or S10) from someone? I know your thought about using the Outback is gas mileage....and you will save a lot of gas on the way there....but the gas you will use on the way back will be horrendous.


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