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Flywheel access hole covers/plugs?

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I recently pulled my and noticed that the access holes to unbolt the flywheel from the transaxle were completely unprotected. There should be two of them. The problem is, I have no idea what they look like, where to get them, or how much they'll cost (or even the proper names for them for that matter :lol:).


The guy helping me with it suspects that the engine was swapped in, so they forgot to put those in. How can I tell if it's the original engine or not? Is there anything I should look for if the engine was swapped in?


Car: Legacy Outback Wagon

Engine: EJ25, DOHC


Thanks in advance! :)

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I'm only aware of one plug, and this one is on top of the motor, behind the intake manifold. Every Subaru I've ever seen, these are old and brittle and don't snap in location very well. Someone may have used that access hole and forgotten to put it back.


It can be used just for holding the engine still, like for taking the balancer off, so it doesn't necessarily imply that the engine has been swapped. A DOHC 2.5 is correct for your car, though there are lots of different incarnations of that engine.


And if there is a cover that goes behind the oil pan to cover the converter, I've never seen one and I've worked on a handful of Subarus. I doubt if there is one.

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Sorry to bump this thread, but I can't find the damn plug/cover/gasket thing to save my life. No auto parts store has it and everyone I talk to is convinced that there's no plug there. I'm tempted to go to a pull-n-save and rip one out, but the nearest one is about 100 miles away (so I need to know that it's there).


TL;DR - 2 questions: Can someone give me a link to buy the EJ25D flywheel access hole cover? What else would be worth pulling at the scrap yard?



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