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:confused: I am having alot of problems with my 2006 subaru legacy GT. Here are the problems and hopefully some one can help me figure this out. Every time it rains or run the car threw the car wash the engine chugs ruff idle and keeps stalling and engine light comes on.Every time I plug in to the computer these codes show up, p-0021 p-0302 p-0304 I have replaced the 02 sensor, all 4 spark plugs and all 4 agnition coil massair flow sensor. after the car sits for acouple of days it runs good until it gets wet or it rains then I have the problems again. This has been going on for about 6 months and cannot fignure the problem with the car. Does anyone have a subaru with this kind of problems? Would really like to solve this issue. Hope you can help me. Martin Pena. califormex@hotmail.com
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