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FYI: GrimmSpeed 3-port BCS


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FYI .... To those of you who are planning to build up a '10+ LGT using a Grimm Speed BCS. I found that Subaru changed out the connectors that had been used historically on the OEM Wastegate Control Solenoid's on previous Gen models. Or should I say, at least my '10 LGT was built with different OEM connectors.




Black connector is from my '10 OEM Wastegate Control Solenoid.

Gray connector is the connector that had been used on previous Subaru models.


I found that the GrimmSpeed 3-port BCS for a MazdaSpeed 3 (P/N 057028) works perfectly on my '10 LGT.


Thanks goes out to Mike from Infamous for helping get things sorted out with GrimmSpeed. ;)

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Thanks, that's perfect along with the video's I found on youtube. Just wanted to make sure I was heading the right direction.

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